Information for businesses

Join our growing community and help us with the wide range of charitable projects and campaigns to support seriously ill children of Lithuania. Be a socially responsible business and help us to bring cheer and joy into the hearts of the little patients, and this way improve your company culture. Learn more how you can contribute to the charity and help the children:

Support us by donating X% of your sales revenue

We could collaborate running a joint sales promotion with a percentage of the sales proceeds donated to the Foundation or a particular child.

Cooperation in projects

Contribute to our projects in progress. Click HERE to find out more.

Donate 2% of your paid income tax

Encourage your employees to donate 1% or 2% of their income tax to our Foundation. Click HERE to find out how you can do that.

Support us with your products and/or services

Contribute to our campaigns by providing us with your products and/or services.

One-time or regular donations

Become our sponsor by making one-time or regular donations. These donations will be used to run various campaigns and projects related to the support and help we provide to the children diagnosed with cancer.

Donation boxes

Make some room for our donation box at your store or service center. This takes very little effort but the results will be priceless and far-reaching.


Let’s cooperate in holding various sports, cultural or other events, encourage people to gather into a community and to support to our initiatives. This could be a local corporate event at your company or a or large-scale public event.


The amazing people volunteering at the Rimantas Kaukėnas Charitable Foundation are the cornerstone that keep the Foundation moving forward and ensure its smooth and efficient operations. Your employees are welcome to join us and volunteer at various events by distributing our products and telling the people about the Foundation and the many ways they can help the children.

Have your own ideas how to help the children with cancer? We look forward to hearing from