It seems that today, the whole world has stopped. The coronavirus, which at first sight seemed to many like another exotic, fearless event, shocked the whole world! It hit like a thunderstorm, disregarding human status, duties or health.

The current conditions of the virus are frightening – we cannot predict its spread, we cannot predict how long it will last and what the situation will be tomorrow… We can only be happy that at least in Lithuania these circumstances forced people to turn to each other: big companies started to cut shields, make medical devices and even lung fans, smaller retailers began to sew protective masks, restaurants send food to doctors, people encourage each other to stay home, donate, organize home concerts and now we have even greater opportunities to buy everything online without leaving our home.

This situation psychologically is the hardest for those whose state of health raised tension every day before the virus. High-risk patients with oncological and other chronic diseases are more afraid today than ever before. Our foundation takes care of Lithuanian children fighting cancer and we receive many requests from families asking for help, for protective equipment: “Our children with oncological illnesses are at the highest risk, so we feel especially responsible for these children and the safety of their families. Parents are very worried, they feel as if they have been forgotten,” says Rimantas Kaukėnas, the founder of the foundation. “Yes, we are each afraid of ourselves and our loved ones, colleagues, employees, even if we are healthy, so how not to worry about children with cancer, whose immune system is particularly weak?” – the former basketball player does not hide his worries.

According to the representatives of the foundation , a large, long-awaited shipment, which is worth almost 36 thousand euros has already reached Lithuania: disposable masks, tests, respirators and special clothing came in it. These goods have already traveled to various corners of Lithuania for seriously ill children and their families. 500 units of respirators, masks and protective clothing will also be delivered to the oncology department of the Kaunas Clinic of Children’s Diseases and the oncology department of adults. Another 500 units of protective equipment will reach the Vilnius Santara Hospital Children’s Oncohematology unit and the National Cancer Institute. The amount that was used in this emergency situation is almost 36,000€! These donations were collected during Juozas Kavaliauskas Memorial Foundation charity evening and the concert “For the Victory of Living 2019”. Endless thanks to the founders of this foundation and the owners of the Lewben Art Foundation Vilius Kavaliauskas and Rita Kavaliauskienė and everyone who participated in the concert “For the Victory of Living 2019”.

“Till now, more than 100 families have approached us, which means that about 400 people we will provide with the necessary security measures. Of course, these goods will help only for a very limited time and, later, if the situation will still be as hard as it is now, we will be forced to have an additional order. ”- R. Kaukėnas shared his thoughts.

The Foundation sincerely thanks all the people and companies who have already donated, and encourages everyone who wants to, but has not yet managed to do so. “The diagnosis of cancer has not gone anywhere, so I wholeheartedly ask everyone to contribute to the support. We assure you that every collected euro reaches the right recipients and, most importantly, that this support can also save the lives of many patients,” says the foundation’s founder.


Everyone who wants to become a part of this meaningful initiative is still welcome to donate the amount they want with the requisites:


ENTERPRISE NO: 302721009

BANK ACOUNT NUMBER: LT984010042502981574




You can find all information about Rimantas Kaukėnas Support Group on the website and in the Facebook account “Rimantas Kaukenas Charitable Foundation“.

Photos: LXM media