On Monday in Cosmos, a coffee and cocktail bar located in Panevezys, a group of people gathered heartily. Rusnė Šermukšnytė, a representative of the well-known basketball player Rimantas Kaukėnas support team, came to the meeting to rejoice at the expanding circle of people helping children with severe illnesses.

“It’s a pleasure to see the growing number of people who are not strangers to other pains and worries. R. Kaukėnas Support Foundation strives to fulfill the dreams of hard-sick children and give them as much positive emotions as possible “, – R. Šermukšnytė addressed the meeting in such words.

Eight-year-old Panevėžys Dominykas, who had a severe oncological illness – leukemia, had to spend a lot of time in the hospital for a boyfriend, where he was given long and curable treatment. Fortunately, today Dominica can enjoy good health – the child has recovered. The family of good emotions is not busy today, and many Panevezys’ sports organizations and companies have contributed to this. The boy has long dreamed of having virtual glasses of reality, and when he finds out, the Aukstaitija Sport Group has rushed to make sure the child’s desire is fulfilled. During the meeting, the boy was presented with a gaming computer and virtual reality glasses provided by Videogame.lt and Hotfix.lt. Mantas Svidenis, Head of the Sports Games of ASTA, was awarded the valuable prize to Dominykas. The branded soccer club “Panevėžys” T-shirt for the boy was donated by the president of the Panevėžys Football Federation (PFAF) Darius Butkus. In addition, representatives of the football club “Kupiškis” brought their gifts to the meeting.

At the initiative of ASG and PAFF, soccer tournaments were arranged, in which funds were collected and dedicated to Dominican dreams.

The boy came to the meeting with his parents and two brothers. The younger one is only nine months old, and the elder, who has been 13 years old, has been doing manual work for four years and is very successful in defending the gates in both his peers and senior teams.

Indispensable for sports and Dominica. “I used to go to the chess group for about a year. Now tennis is best for all sports. I did not go for training, but I like to play tennis. It’s also like to scramble through obstacles, “said Dominykas.

What might be more fun than positive emotions and a wide smile on Dominyko’s face? We are very grateful to all those who contributed to the charity sport event: Aukštaitijos Sporto grupė, Panevėžys County Football Federation, Panevėžys City Municipality, Lithuanian Snacks, Cosmos Coffee and Cocktail Bar, Aukstaitija Implantology Clinic, Beauty and Therapy Cabin “Royal” , “Hummel”, UAB “Sporto kalvė”, Panevėžys Eglė, “Service Line”, AV Chimolonsky farm and all football teams.

Information: reporteris.lt, Gintaras Brazdžionis