Singer and songwriter Stano has recently presented his new book “Kodėl aš” (“Why me”). This is an open and immersive biographical novel, in which the singer recounts his 2018 blood cancer diagnosis and how it awakened some unexpected, deep feelings, also he writes about the difficult healing phase and the news that the disease has gone away. In Stano book, his fears, tensions, beliefs, and frustrations have been transformed into a stunningly open, sensitive and cinematic, humorous narrative. He says that this is not a book about cancer, but that most of the feelings and experiences described in the book will probably be familiar to anyone who has faced this diagnosis.


“Just because of the cancer I have realized how much blackness I had, and with this book I tried to clean it. I hope I am a better person now, or at least I’m on that path, ”Stano said when he presented the book.

The presenter of the event, a good friend of the singer, actor Marius Jampolskis, recalled how one night, while driving home from the concert, Stano was feeling bad and asked to be taken to the nearest Raseiniai hospital. Initial investigations carried out at that time did not reveal anything bad. Marius Jampolskis confessed that his friend’s diagnosis, which shocked him, he heard from the media. “It just proves how close-minded Stano is, so this open book is a big part of his work that made me look at a friend with completely different eyes,” Jampolskis said.

“It’s not a book about a disease, it’s a book about the health of the spirit,” said writer Liudvikas Jakimavičius, who became not only a consultant of the book but also a friend of Stano.

President of the Association for Oncology Patient Care (POLA) Šarūnas narbutas said: “We do not talk about cancer as death, we talk about life. The fact is, more than half of those who are ill recover and continue to live ”. Part of the funds raised for the books sales will be used to help POLA’s educational cancer prevention projects. Based on the research, the lecturers at POLA’s classes claim that special high-intensity strength training helps prevent oncological diseases. Therefore, it was decided to include endurance training in the presentation of the book. It was attended by a number of celebrities who had gathered for the presentation, along with experienced coaches. Comedian Justinas Jankevičius, actor Marius Jampolskis, singers Edgaras Lubys, Justinas Lapatinskas, Algis Minalga (Soliaris) and the author of the book took part in the training. The presentation was attended by a group of famous people: Deivydas Zvonkus, Katerina Voropaj, Donata Virbilaitė, Vaida Genytė, Rimantas Bagdzevičius, Henrikas Vaitekūnas and others.


Picture: Raimundas Adzgauskas