Good to do good. This is often said about charity events. These words on February 23 The celebratory event of the basketball player Rimantas Kaukėnas Support Group was held in the “Pirklių Klubas” capital of the capital.

“The idea of ​​this charity evening is to bring together our entire community, share the work done together, and at the same time realize it by continuing the on-going mission of collecting victims of medical equipment necessary for Kaunas clinics – special needles and drills, which would make children’s trepanobiopsy procedures less painful. I want to thank everybody who is not indifferent to the small sick of Lithuania, helps them to survive the serious trauma of a diagnosis and gives them the necessary help “, – the founder of the fund, basketball player Rimantas Kaukėnas told about the idea of ​​a charity evening.

During the event during the event, guests were invited to participate in an auction that featured athletes selling NBA basketball players LeBron James James, Cristiano Ronaldo T-shirt, basketball players Šarūnas Jasikevičius and Mindaugas Kuzminskas, Benedict Vanagas medal from Dakar, the balls with Kaunas Žalgiris “Signatures of players, Darius Kasparaitis Ice Hockey, Ice Hockey Player, and the founder of the fund, basketball player Rimantas Kaukėnas.

At the auction, the children were donated 20 050 euros.


The Kaunas Clinics of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Hospital (LSMPCS) lacked essential tools for treatment – special needles and devices that would make it easier for trepan-biopsy procedures to be performed for young people.

Trepanobiopsia is a procedure whereby a special needle is poured through a solid bone marrow into a bone marrow and a piece of bone marrow is taken, which is examined in the pathology laboratory for the determination of bone marrow pathology or in the search for malignant tumor metastases. This procedure is performed when it is necessary to diagnose blood diseases and to evaluate the spread of malignant tumors. A more accurate assessment of the stage of the disease helps to provide the necessary treatment, therefore quality bone marrow trepanobiopsy is very important.

A trepanion biopsy drill with disposable needles is given to a faster and more accurate diagnostic precedent, since it does not require so much physical force to perform it, has a depth gauge that allows you to measure a sufficient amount of bone marrow that is not present in a hand-held needle. The automatic trepane biopsy drill facilitates the performance of trepane biopsy, shortens the duration of the procedure itself, and, at the same time, provides anesthetic to prevent repeat punctures, when the bone marrow gets defective.

During the year, LSMUL KK’s Children’s Oncology and Hematology Center carries out up to 100 such procedures; therefore, 100 disposable sets of trepane biopsy needles with a drill with 200 drills are required per year.


April 26 Foundation founder Rimantas Kaukėnas visited Kaunas Clinics, where he met health professionals working there. At the meeting, the medical facility was transferred to the medical institution. The director of the Center for Children’s Oncology and Hematology Dr. Giedrė Rutkauskienė and Head of Children’s Clinic Prof Dr. Rimantas Kėvalas.

The total value of these medical equipment is EUR 10164.


Many donors and sponsors of the Fund have contributed to the charity event. The support group of Rimantas Kaukėnas wants to sincerely thank the sponsors who have taken care that every guest from the event will come out with beautiful gifts. We thank Elvyra Design and Bulkowskiy jewelry for the wonderful Beauties musicals that guests could wear during the event. Cosmetic brands “Bioderma” and “Esthererm” and Kristina Tučkutei for “It’s Secret by Kristina Tučkute” beauty gifts. We also thank World Cup winner, European MMA champion and multiple champion of Lithuania and other international champions Sergey Masloboyev-Kuwald for the opportunity to take part in the sports club “Sparta Combat Fitness”.

Thanks for the spectacular event of the event, we thank “Florists on the Verge” for florist Antanas Mažonas.

The idea of ​​the charity evening was supported and badly ill children were not only invited by the event but also by the companies and organizations they represent. For great support, THANKS, we say Avia Solutions Group, Small Planet, Skycop, Good Gift, Grill London, Antano Guag’s Support Foundation and iLunch.

For a wonderful program of the event sincerely thank the performers MERŪNAS VITULSKIS, vaidas baumila, Viktor Woop, Electric Ladies, illusionist Mantas, presenter John Radzevičius, diamonds children’s fashion theater clothing brand “referred to” the show also thank Tatyana Lavrinovič with her daughter Emily, Diana Dargienė with her daughter Une and Ausra with her daughter. For make-up for small dancers, we thank the gentlemen of the jewelery “Makeup By Goldilocks” and Ana ManaM Makeup artist.