Last Saturday in Vilnius and Kaunas, an annual charity event was held in which students visited the homes of people asking for support for a rare ill boy. Rimantas Kaukėnas Support Group together with Soutwestern Advantage youth campaign attracted more than 13 thousand. euro It is expected that, after counting all the donations that the organizer of the campaign reaches until now, the goal will be achieved – the estimated cost of the child’s medical treatment can be around 20 thousand. euro

“We got together to help boy Daniil with a very rare disease – retinoblastoma. We went to the house and asked for their help. Although there have been various reactions during all seven years of the campaign, the results always motivate us to continue this mission, “says Eglė Ališauskaitė, a Southwestern Advantage spokeswoman.

This year, 45 students contributed to the campaign, whose sincere engagement and talks to the action led to the participation of as many as 1,500 residents of Vilnius and Kaunas.

Ališauskaitė said after the campaign that cooperation with Rimantas Kaukėnas’ support group helps to win more people’s confidence. “The Rimantas Kaukėnas Foundation organizes many similar initiatives, knows families who need support and assistance, so we can concentrate all our efforts where they are most needed,” added Aliasauskaitė.

“On behalf of the Foundation, I want to thank the students who have given this day to the severely ill Danilo. Thank you to all the people of good will who opened the door of their house, listened and offered. We believe that with all your help we will be able to provide the boy with important treatment in Switzerland, to preserve the sight of a young patient and a bright future, “- the founder of the foundation R. Kaukėnas thanked everyone who contributed to the campaign.

According to Justina Klimaitė, a pediatric hematologist for the treatment of Danilil, the current treatment has helped stop the spread of the malignant syndrome, but it does not diminish. In Lithuania, only a few cases of retinoblastomas are newly diagnosed in the year, precisely because of the limited possibilities of treating the disease in the country. The disease is most effectively treated in Switzerland, where children from all over Europe come. There will also be Daniel in the near future.

To contribute to the vital treatment of Daniil, this can be done by transferring support to the Rimantas Kaukėnas Support Group account:

Required Payment Purpose: SUPPORT DANIIL G.

Recipient: Rimantas Kaukėnas Support Group
Code: 302721009
Account no. (IBAN): LT984010042502981574
Bank – Luminor

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