About us

Rimantas Kaukėnas Charitable Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 2012. We operate in the entire Lithuania giving charitable assistance and spreading hope, strength and joy to children who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Our goal is simple: to make life easier for seriously ill children and their families, to help them get through the trauma of the haunting diagnosis, to support through their long journey towards recovery and to bring some light and joy into the lives of these children.

Cooperation with health care institutions

We cooperate with the Childhood Cancer and Hematology Units of Vilnius University Santariškės Children’s Hospital and Kaunas Clinic of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Hospital. We collaborate with the health care specialists of these institutions to get to know each and every child, make friends with their families and offer the support and help they need. We also work hard to ensure that health care institutions have the necessary medical equipment and cozy, fully renovated facilities for the little patients. We do our best to keep the children busy while they are recovering by holding various workshops, activities and events, making time for visiting them and surprising them with personal attention and gifts.

Offering support and assistance to children and their parents

We provide the necessary medical equipment and medications that are not covered by insurance for the children in need and assist in arranging important treatments, rehabilitation and surgeries in Lithuania and abroad.

Spreading cheer and joy to children

We try to bring light and joy in to the lives of seriously ill children by making their most secret dreams come true and visiting them at home or in the hospital. We are constantly holding various events and campaigns, including a possibility for the children to meet famous athletes, singers, actors and other famous people.

Spreading the message across the country

We promote the positive and open-minded attitude of people towards children with cancer and their families. We try to spread the word and foster the tradition of giving and sharing through various social ventures which we plan and hold. This way we present various charity possibilities and invite the people to join our community.

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