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It is possible to contribute to the fund’s activities and help children with oncological or other critical diseases by providing financial charity (one-time or periodic), as well as by allocating 1.2 percent. GPM. Every euro donated will reach the smallest patients and their families – we will make sure that they get the help they need at the right time. You can also contribute time, ideas and initiatives to brighten the days of sick children. If you have any ideas or questions, please fill out the form below in the “Contacts” section and send us a message: https://kaukenoparama.lt/en/contacts/

We are always happy when people contact us who want to make our little patients happy. We receive letters of children’s dreams all the time, we try to fulfill all these dreams, so the list is constantly updated, and in order to fulfill the dream of a sick child, we invite you to write to us by e-mail. by mail: info@kaukenoparama.lt
If you have ideas or provide services that can be adapted to the employment of children and you want to brighten the days of children spent in hospital wards together, we invite you to share your ideas with us and together we will find the most suitable solution: info@kaukenoparama.lt

Every year, the foundation’s community of volunteers grows – thank you! To join the foundation’s volunteers, you can fill out the form below in the section “Our community” and send us a message: https://kaukenoparama.lt/en/our-community/ or write an e-mail. by mail: info@kaukenoparama.lt

Later, we will invite you to join a closed volunteer group on Facebook, where you will see what and when volunteer help is needed and you can always share your ideas and initiatives.
Volunteers of the foundation contribute in various ways: if possible, they help prepare and participate in various foundation events, initiate children’s employment in Vilnius and Kaunas pediatric oncohematology departments, spread the message about helping seriously ill children, organize donation drives at workplaces/schools, and share various ideas.

Spreading the message about the foundation’s activities and helping seriously ill children is very important to us. This also helps to do the fund attribute with #Putadotinfrontofit. All profits received from the purchase of #Putadotinfrontofit attribute are allocated to fulfilling the dreams of sick children or providing the necessary assistance.

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