Charitable Foundation group

We have gathered a large group of like-minded people who want to contribute to the well-being of sick children by implementing various projects and initiatives

Charitable Foundation

“Rimantas Kaukėnas Charitable Foundation” is nonprofit charity that has been operating throughout Lithuania since 2012, but since its inception has been closely cooperating with US-based organizations that aim to help children with oncological diseases. Since 2022, the Foundation has been registered and officially operates in the United States of America.

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Charitable Foundation Group Association

The association was founded in order to develop long-term and continuous projects by collecting support for seriously ill children under the care of the foundation. One of the ongoing projects we are proud of is together with Southwestern Ventures students, who tell people about the possibilities of periodic support to the fund and invite them to contribute to helping sick children in this way.

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Kaunas hospice

Kaunas Hospice is an extremely necessary and meaningful project, the goal of which is a comfortably equipped inpatient facility, which provides palliative care for people whom doctors can no longer help. These are seriously ill patients who need constant care, and it is not possible to provide it at home.

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Let's join

LET’S JOIN association was founded by the initiative of two kyokushin karate club leaders, uniting many athletes. The slogan LET’S JOIN THE FIGHT TOGETHER unites the kyokushin karate community and our heroes – who fight every day for the opportunity to live and for the strength to heal. We believe that united we are stronger and able to overcome even the toughest battles.

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A point of kindness

Kindness Point products are designed to spread the message of sharing kindness. By purchasing products marked with the kindness dot, you contribute to helping seriously ill children, as all funds go to our heroes. We are happy that the dot of kindness travels widely around the world, reminding us that even our small contribution can turn into a huge help for someone who is waiting for it.

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Initiatives and projects

We are happy to be able to carry out initiatives that have already become a tradition and join new projects every year, the purpose of which is to help those who are now more difficult…

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Want to contribute?

We often want to do something good, but the question often arises – how? It often takes a lot of time and effort. However, when like-minded people come together for a noble cause, anything is possible.


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