Give 1.2% GPM

In this way, you will contribute to the treatment of children suffering from oncological diseases under the care of the Rimantas Kaukėnas Charitable Foundation and to the fulfillment of their innermost dreams.

To allocate 1.2% GPM, you can do it electronically.

All residents of Lithuania until May 1. can allocate 1.2% of GPM (personal income tax) to seriously ill children under the care of our Charitable Foundation. By donating in this way, you will contribute to the multifaceted help for our heroes. You just need to log in to your online banking and fill in the necessary declaration form, and to make it even easier, we have prepared detailed instructions.

Log in to your e-banking in the e-declaration system


In the “Declaration” section, find and click “Fill the form“. You can find the request for support in the list of “Frequently filled forms“.


If support for 2022 the tax period was not assigned according to the previous application, to start filling, click “Start“.

If support for 2022 already allocated according to the application submitted in the previous year, in the first window of the wizard you will see data about the support you allocated. After clicking “Continue” you will be able to correct or submit new data




When allocating support to the Rimantas Kaukėnas Charitable Foundation group, do not forget to indicate the recipient’s identification number: 302721009. The purpose of the tax portion is to support the activities of the fund.


In the recipient search window that opens, enter the name of the recipient and click “Continue“. In the next window, fill in the necessary application information: what part of the tax and until what tax period are you allocating.

You can also specify the purpose of the tax portion. After entering the data, click “Save“.


If you do not want to add more recipients/you have finished editing, check if the data is correct and click “Yes, correct“.


In the window that opens, click “Form a request“.


To submit a request, click “Submit“.

Thanks to your support

We fulfill children's dreams

We believe that good emotions help to get away from the difficult everyday life for a while and feel better. We fulfill the dreams of seriously ill children, turning the most secret and unexpected wishes into reality.


We provide immediate assistance

We provide support to the families of seriously ill children, providing them with the most necessary nursing facilities, medicines, and rehabilitation in every possible way. Helps to survive an emotionally difficult and uncertain period.


We cooperate with medical institutions

In order to improve the quality of treatment for many patients, we cooperate with the National Cancer Institute (NVI), VUL Santaras clinics, LSMU Kaunas clinics. We are happy that our close friendship helps us to move forward towards more modern, convenient and accurate research and treatment.


We organize events and projects

The activities of the foundation are inseparable from the events during which we not only meet the large community of the foundation, our heroes and their parents, but also encourage them to actively spend their free time, be friends and at the same time contribute to meaningful initiatives, sharing warmth with others.


How the support is used

The Charitable Foundation activities, which have been carried out for more than 10 years, are filled with new projects, initiatives or events every year, but the values that guide us every day – when making decisions, communicating with the foundation’s partners and each other – have not changed since the beginning of the foundation. We appreciate and cherish the sincere community and team of the foundation – your dedication allows us to act purposefully, concentratedly, but helping more and more sick people every year. We value transparent movement forward, so we share with you all the help provided, dreams fulfilled and ideas implemented.

  • 55% – Support for children’s dreams to come true
  • 25% – Covering treatment costs
  • 20% – Project activities
Reports and documents

Want to contribute?

We often want to do something good, but the question often arises – how? It often takes a lot of time and effort. However, when like-minded people come together for a noble cause, anything is possible.


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