Kindness initiative in Ilunch restaurants

Sometimes it takes so little to open our hearts to kindness – just to believe that the contribution of each of us is extremely important.
Today, together with members of the foundation’s community, we present a kindness initiative at lunch, during which we invite you to contribute to the recovery of the foundation’s little patient Laimintė. When dining at any Ilunch restaurant, paying for the food, you can donate at the same time conveniently and quickly. We invite you to get acquainted with the story of the little patient.
The little one is now just one, and she welcomed her first birthday as a fierce fighter, undergoing a complex operation to remove a tumor, during which her gallbladder and part of her liver were removed. Laiminte is undergoing chemotherapy treatment, which affects the girl in very different ways… In addition to the oncological treatment, the baby is undergoing various processes typical of a child of this age, for example, teething, which is sometimes accompanied by a temperature.
Laimintė’s parents say that there are more happy moments in their lives than pain and they try their best to ensure that their daughter’s days are full of childlike, colorful and joyful moments. The little girl likes to do everything with her parents, the most important thing is that the parents are nearby – in this case she likes to play with toys, and watch basketball with her father, and swing on the swing or play music.
The Laimintė’s parents know best what would make their daughter happy, so they came up with the idea of filling out a dream letter in which they mentioned Laimintė’s interest in driving a children’s car. For Laimintė, like every little princess, one of the most memorable childhood moments would be meeting a real Santa Claus in Lapland! These beautiful wishes, the fulfillment of which, we believe, would bring a lot of joy and even more strength in the fight against the disease, with the contribution of all of you, can become a reality!
We invite you to contribute your donations to Laimintė’s colorful dreams at Ilunch restaurants. Let’s wrap the baby in warmth.

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